Pretty in Punk



Punk: Chaos to Couture

As we watch fashionistas and celebrities from far and wide take to the red carpet for the annual Met Ball, where this year’s exhibition theme is ‘Punk: Chaos to Couture’, we take a look inwards to our very own collection. While ‘statement punk’ is certainly not prominent in Valour & Valkyries repertoire, little references in all its dark glory can be seen in our Warrior dress, all layers of black chiffon and draped studded neckline. And in the context of fun of course, the Met ball is the fashion industry’s chance to show off on the red carpet. Stars glittered in ripped up underwear, with studs and spikes becoming accessories du jour.


Midnight Express


Which colours spring to mind when conjuring up a typical spring/summer wardrobe? Pastels, all ice cream edible and scrumptious, for sure; whites, absolutely; and vivid brights definitely. Tick them all: these are standard fashion summer colours. But for those of the more, shall we say, gothic persuasion have you considered the deepest, darkest, inkiest navy? Almost black but more a heavy midnight sky. Like the sort of sky at midsummer, after dark and in the countryside, complete with piecing yellow stars a-twinkling.

The biggest plus of navy is that it looks striking both with a tan and worn with the classic spring colour palette. So mix with your whites and brights to keep contrasts clean and striking.