Club To Catwalk


If you’re anything like us, you’ll be counting down the days ‘til spring – and all the trends that come with it. Anything to do with women’s designer clothing and we’re there, so, just to fuel our excitement, we paid a visit to the Club to Catwalk exhibition in the Victoria & Albert Museum, which showcases some of the boldest 80s designs that are all set to make a comeback this year. The exhibition displays some exciting new looks from experimental designers, such as John Galliano and Betty Jackson, and traces the eclectic relationship between catwalk and club wear.

Throughout the 80s, London-based designers became known as the most quirky and experimental in the world. We were in awe looking at some of the women’s designer fashion outfits at the Club to Catwalk exhibition, where customisation was everywhere and young fashionistas attempted to out-do each other in the clubs, night after night. Part of the exhibition, and one of our favourite aspects of it, was the step-back-in-time mini 80s club, playing 80s music along with videos of club scenes from the era. Styles found in these London nightclubs exploded all over the nation at a quick pace.

The worlds of fashion and music are based on expression – so it’s no surprise that the two can often become blurred. Think of 80s pop stars and you are more than likely to think of what they wore. When someone mentions 80s Madonna, what do you think of? The messy-chic, layered look? Lace? Fish-nets? If David Bowie springs to mind, you’re likely to blink and see metallic.

It’s easy to see why some (and note, not all!) of the 80s styles are making a comeback this year. This spring/summer sees a revisit to some of the best styles of the era, including the fishtail skirt. In fact, superstar Rihanna was recently seen wearing a fabulous Givenchy printed fishtail skirt. Sportswear, in particular the 80s-style trainer, is likely to cement itself on the women’s designer fashion scene this season. Do you have any 80s fashion favourites? And will you be wearing them this spring?