Valour & Valkyrie

‘There is passion behind every piece, a story to be told, and this all comes from our love of the Ethereal’– Valour & Valkyrie’s creator and designer -Madame M.

Pouring creativity into designing. We approach our role like a fine artist, we believe every piece of clothing produced for Valour & Valkyrie tells a tale – a fairytale – with a beginning, middle and end.

Inspirations come in many forms. For us, it’s a blend of eclectic music tastes, black and white films, photography exhibitions and art. In fact, Arthur Rackham, turn-of-the-century illustrator, was a starting-point for her when she came across his majestic fairytale figures. The fairytale theme continues with the dark, nocturnal colours she picked out from the exhibition of “Twilight” and its depiction of Sleeping Beauty…

Its about wearable, special pieces, the process  in every garment to ensure that the cut, the drape, the detailing is perfect. We want the happy ending you deserve: for anyone who wears our clothes – whether it’s for a special occasion or an everyday piece, we hope they keep coming back to us – fall in love, feel enchanted, special and unique.

Trademark chunky back zips, contrasting materials (think tweed and lace), vintage prints, artisan embellishments and bold silhouettes – Valour & Valkyrie creations are laid bare, asking to be grasped by the individual and moulded into your own story.

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