“Behind the scenes” Catwalk 2017

Invited by the lovely ‘INNULondon’ aka Kim and ‘London Catwalk Society’ to showcase our collection ‘Spellbound’ 2017, for the second time @Kensington Roof Top, London.

We collated our collections ready for the big day. My lovely stylist and I were joined at the hip…. taking the models through their outfits and fitting and casting the finale pieces. Yes this was all happening on the actual day of the Catwalk! Jangled nerves , living life on cafe lattes and cigarettes, hair on end.  There is nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of leaving it to the last minute, however in true Fairy tale fashion, no deadline is too tight, no seam too difficult to finish. After all of that, this Fairytale would not have its Cinderella ending if it were all done ‘on-time’…lets face it, this is all done in the name of Fashion.

This time though, the pressure was on, as our debut for the season was taking place in conjunction with London Fashion Week ! 2016.