Wool Week

Did you know this week is WOOL WEEK? Indeed – by way of the annual Campaign for Wool patronised by His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales. Launched in 2010 to promote British-made woollen garments and support the wool industry, wool made an impressive appearance across the a/w 2012-13 catwalks.

Vivienne Westwood, who uses traditional Scottish mills to spin her highland tartans explains, “Wool is one of the world’s great natural fibres, famous for its versatility and comfort – warm in winter, cool in summer.” Viv is also a champion of the quintessentially British twinset and pearls look, which can be layered and deconstructed for a unique take on a very ladylike silhouette.

Many designers, from the classic fashion house Pringle, to more recent talent Mark fast, are reworking designs with wool to create a sexy, new gen appeal to an old fashioned, and somewhat itchy, fabric: Fast is renowned for his crochet knitted, skin-tight dresses and the former have amped up the sex appeal by way of introducing the neon pink mohair jumper.

So, onwards to colder weather and Valour and Valkyrie are wrapping up warm in our super sexy Florrines cardigan. Soft, warm and worn with simmering insouciance, what more could a girl desire?

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  1. Recently came across your designs when visiting Hanya.Anda Limited.Godstone ,Kent.
    She has some of your pieces , love your work , ENJOYED , browsing your website
    Kind regards

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